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Communicative site for our School in Thamel to connect to schools in the Netherlands and other parts of the world. After selection for our Pen Pal Project students from Europe can stay with us for cultural holidays. Or just show us hobbies, utube movies of your music making, theatre and dance hobbies or your home. It is a lot cheaper to travel internet no need visa. Or travel check. But teachers and parents will supervise this is a guided and moderated site. If it works we will set up a yahoo. group.

My name is Santosh Chaudhary from Paradise english boarding school in Kathmandu

Dear all,


This is the first letter from our Pen Pal Project which our teachers created for us to develop good friendships and improve our computer skills as well as english language.

I am from Dharan eastern Nepal. We lived with four boys and two sisters in a dutch nepalese cooperation for education project when our parents had no place for us to go to school. Now we are in Kathmandu. There was a long war in Nepal and it is quite a miracle we are all happy and safe. Our school is Paradise english Boarding School in Thamel, but we live in a normal house with normal people. The boarding part is for the children that have parents in other parts of the county.

We have two dogs at school, we love computer class, I am fourteen, my brother Sudan also and actually Dipen is one year older than me. From my mother came my brother Sujan but we call him Gopal. Frequently people have a calling name and a birth name.

We have been adopted by a new father maybe. Actually two fathers and couple of uncles. This sounds crazy but we talk like this. One uncle is dada that is uncle Kishore, he is student of translation and he has to help his parents. Another uncle is Kiran he is working in the Netherlands. The new uncle father we keep secret.

My mother is Marjolijn she studies buddhism and she is also my second mother. My first mother is Sital Chaudhary when my father died she first had to find my second father then we were already going to Eureka school in Dharan so money was coming slowly they said nothing. Now Antaram Chaudhary married my mother and they have Surya and Sizal..

My email is tibetansantosh because  I want to study to become a tibetan doctor to help people. I am interested in meeting friends from the Netherlands and other parts of the world. Our parents are supervising this site because it is better.

You can write to me directly or to my mother she will see if you are the person to become our friend. If you want to travel we can show you Kathmandu. Only our holiday is not during your holiday time. We have one dog called Preeti that means love.

Hoping to meet new friends

Santosh, Dipen, Gopal and Sudan from Paradise School in Kathmandu Nepal

namaste means god bless you a nepali greeting. Even though there is a war in our country we are happy. Rainy season just finished now we are waiting for the winter.